32 33 You take care of the look. We’ll take care of the feel. Indoor comfort starts right here. HVAC, plumbing, electrical and solar products and services from the BAC Group of Companies ... get that feel good feeling. 9 Mill Creek Road Pembroke HM 05 Tel: 441-292-0881 Fax: 441-292-6887 www.bac.bm We helped to build a better Business Environment ... At Everest Re (Electrical and mechanical services) KPMG, 5th Floor (Installed HVAC) and Par-la-Ville Dental (Design and contracting for plumbing, electrical and HVAC). With over 50 years of experience, we’ve got everything you need to build your perfect indoor environment. AIR CONDITIONING • PLUMBING • REFRIGERATION • FIRE PROTECTION • ENGINEERING • SHEET METAL • SOUND REDUCTION RENEWABLE ENERGY SOLUTIONS • INSULATION • INDOOR AIR QUALITY • ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS 297-3639 www.bae.bm 278-6238 www.ems.bm 292-5372 www.universal.bm 292-0881 www.nqinc.com RESIDENTIAL n MEDICAL n INDUSTRIAL n MILITARY Our products are high efficiency air filtration and purification devices, which are generally installed in a standalone fashion. We currently offer a product line that is targeted to medical facilities (primarily hospitals), industrial air cleaning, military. We also offer a smaller product line which combines the significant parts of the medical, industrial and military equipments and markets more broadly to include all commercial buildings and residential settings. Breathe easy. “The NQ air purification system is a solution utilized in hospitals around the world to protect pa- tients from airborne infections,” says Alan Joell, BHB’s Super- visor of Engineering Services – Special Equipment. BERMUDA HOSPITALS BOARD for Government and for individuals seeing their insurance premiums rise. Shields admits,“We have a financial challenge that we’re working with partners and government to resolve, and we are working to come up with a plan where we can provide care for the population who can’t afford insurance or is un- derinsured.At the present time,we knowwe can’t con- tinue to provide all of the care that we do in a hospi- tal environment with the resources that we receive, and we’re looking at what our clinical services plan would be as we go forward.We can’t continue with our older facilities for too much longer because they were conceived and built when healthcare was very different than it is in the 21st century. It’s a significant financial challenge that has to be solved sooner rather than later, and we’re certainly hopeful that,while it’s a difficult financial situation, it’s also an opportunity to improve care for the population.” The good news, according to Symonds, is that the government is aware of the situation and is poised to help.“We have a newMinister of Health, and she has made herself available and has been very open to the strategic plan and the clinical services plan- ning process,” she reports. “She’s been supportive; she’s already visited both of our campuses, attended our clinical services planning committee meeting, and has supported the direction that we’ve taken. We know that we have a shared responsibility to improve quality and reduce costs across the health- care system,and BHB is committed to provide the very best of care to the community.We’re invested in a plan to be able to change our scope and our scale so that we can do that in the most appropriate way possible.”