Juici Patties

2 Business View Magazine Authentic Jamaican Food at Affordable Prices Juici Patties takes “nowhere is impossible” approach to global growth It’s surprising enough when a small-scale Jamaican business grows into both a domestic powerhouse and a thriving international operation. But what’s even more surprising is when that same entity can trace its roots all the way back to the work ethic of an enterpris- ing 16-year-old. Improbable or not, though, that was the precise recipe for success for Juici Patties. Now a Jamaican food-service institution with 16 com- pany-owned locations and 45 more franchised restau- rants across the island, the company began in much humbler surroundings thanks to the visionary teen- aged efforts of its founder and current chief executive officer/chairman, Jukie Chin. Chin was a helper at a Kingston restaurant run by his sister and brother-in-law that specialized in the seem- If logo going on a color background