76 77 I t all started in 1954, with a small catering business at the Crane Hotel in Barbados, seven miles from the airport. Fast forward to 2015. Goddard Catering (Barbados) is now a key part of the Catering Division of Goddard Enterprises Limited – a group boasting four major divisions operating in 30 countries. The Goddard Catering Group is a leading provider of airline, industrial, and event ca- tering, and operates airport terminal conces- sions and restaurants in the Caribbean and Latin America. Its catering arm, GCG Events, specializes in major sporting events and corporate functions. The Group is also the pri- mary supplier of catering for corporate jets in the Caribbean. It employs over 3500 people - more than 50 percent of the total Goddard Enterprises workforce. Goddard Catering Group (Barbados) current- ly services all major airlines, including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Thomson Air- GODDARD CATERING GROUP (BARBADOS) LIMITED MUCH MORE THAN AN AIRLINE CATERER AT A GLANCE GODDARD CATERING GROUP (BARBADOS) LIMITED: A DIVISION OF GODDARD ENTERPRISES LIMITED WHAT: Leading provider of high quality catering services for airlines, terminal concessions, and spe- cial events in Barbados WHERE: Catering Division Head Office in Cooper City, Florida WEBSITES: , GODDARD CATERING GROUP (BARBADOS) LIMITED