54 55 M atalonHomes isa real estatedeveloper and builderofunique,contemporaryresidential andcommercial projects,based inKingston, Jamaica.ItsManagingDirector,PeterMat- alon,startedhiscareer inhis family’sbusiness,building low-incomehousing,but in2004,struckoutonhisown. “I triedtoget the familytoget intothehigh-end,town homemarket,because I thought that therewasaniche here tobe filled,”heexplains.“Theavailabilityofhigh-end, residential projectswasquite limited,and I decided Iwas goingtogooutonmyownanddo it.” “So,weput togetherMatalonHomes,”hecontinues. “ThenameMatalonwas synonymouswithhousing in Jamaica,so I used it.I partneredwithmycousinandalso myfinancial controllerwho I employedat the time,when Iwasat the familybusiness,andwestartedour firstdevel- opment in2005,andhanded itover in2007.At the time, wehaddecidedthat thebusinessmodelwewantedwas tokeep it reallytight anddoonedevelopment at a time, sowecouldcontrol thequalityof theproduct and limit MATALON HOMES MATALON HOMES QUALITY, VALUE, AND INTEGRITY AT A GLANCE MATALON HOMES WHAT: A real estate developer and builder of residential and commercial projects WHERE: Kingston, Jamaica WEBSITE: