82 83 The RGGroup of Companies R ayneau Gajadhar took a decidedly circuitous route on his way to becom- ing CEO of the RG Group of Companies, recognized today as the largest local- ly-owned construction and industrial products conglomerate in St. Lucia.“After I left school, not being able to get a job, I had no alternative but to do something on my own,”Gajadhar says, beginning the tale of his professional odyssey.“I started selling ice cream; from selling ice cream, I bought a vehicle and started renting it out; from that, I got more vehicles and had to learn to repair them, so I became a mechanic.” “Then, because of accidents, I learned body work, and I started a garage where I worked for other people, as well,” the peripatetic worker continues.“At one time, I did videography–wed- dings, funerals, television advertisements, and so on.At one time, I had an electronics store, selling and repairing. It moved from one thing to another, it was never planned.As opportunities came about, I went ahead and did it.After the car rental and repair, I made furniture and drap- THE RG GROUP OF COMPANIES A LEADER IN ST. LUCIA AT A GLANCE THE RG GROUP OF COMPANIES WHAT: A construction and industrial products conglomerate WHERE: Castries, Saint Lucia WEBSITE: