94 95 in Jamaica and the UK for over 40 years. “My late husband bought this property in 1974,which is about 1,000 acres of mixed- use land,” says Angella Whitter, CEO of the Whitter Group,which owns Whitter Village and several other properties on Jamaica’s north shore.“He thought that the area needed additional retail space and offices to satisfy the needs of the community of Ironshore, Rose Hall, and its environs. So, he decided to build this 245,000-square-foot development.We conceptualized the plan as far back as 2003, but it wasn’t complete WHITTER VILLAGE until 2010.” “When we designed the space,we didn’t want just four walls and a roof,”Whitter continues.“A lot of thought went into the architectural design. So, you have different rooflines, you have different façades.We created the courtyard area in the middle of the development with a very beautiful fountain,which is the center of energy of the place.A lot of people gravitate there in the evenings.We playmusic in the court- yard area,which does not happen in any other development.We think it sets us apart fromother like developments inMontego Bay.” Today, the exquisite Whitter Village contains some 92 shops, includ- ing a state-of-the-art 29,000 square-foot supermarket, a 6,000-square- foot pharmacy, a world class gaming lounge, several gift shops, the United States of America Consulate, and many other businesses includ-