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2 3 O Editor-in-Chief Al Krulick Associate Editor Lorie Steiner Director of Advertising Lauren Blackwell Research Directors Paul Payne Rohan Stewart Brendan McElroy Creative Director Dana Long Vice President of Business Development Erin O’Donoghue Vice President of Production Aimy McGrew Vice President of Publishing Andre Barefield CGO Alexander Wynne-Jones COO Brian Andersen Executive Publisher / CEO Marcus VandenBrink USA Canada Caribbean Oceania Email for all inquiries: info@businessviewmagazine.com www.BusinessViewcaribbean.com Corner View Oh yes, yes, yes, it’s that time again; time for another edition of the best executive business magazine on earth. That’s right, Business View! How’d you guess? Welcome Business Viewers.How’s life? I have a feeling I could tell you a lot about your life,based upon what’s going on around the world.So,why not let me take a stab at it? Well,for starters,life isn’t the same old,same old it once was.I have a feeling quite a bit has changed in your life over the past 8-12 months.Perhaps for better, maybe worse,but definitely not the same as it was 18 months ago. If I was to go further, I would suggest that due to these changes, you are rarely able to do some of the things that you had become accustomed to. You’re working longer hours than normal, you’re sleeping fewer hours than usual, and the motto “work hard, play hard” has been significantly reduced to “work harder, work longer!” The residual effects of these changes have been subtle, yet signif- icant. Your family is supportive, but distant. Your health has been holding up, yet dete- riorating. Your friends have been reduced to Facebook and Whatsapp acquaintances only! Am I right? Of course, I’m right…we’re Business View Caribbean; we’re always right (except for when we’re wrong). So, as a magazine that’s here for your ev- ery need, allow me to assist in putting things back into order for you. For clarity, it’s easy to see that your life has encountered change, because the world is changing. Countries such as Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, and the USA, amongst others, are adopting a new philosophy of governing their countries. They want new administrators, ideas, and even a new society with a new social order and ideology. They want business done in the exact opposite way that it was once done. They want churches, schools, and communities to have much more,or much less influence on their society.No matter where you are,or where you’re going,there’s a high probability that those who were once angry and felt rejected and neglected,are now happy and optimistic about the future.And those who were previously happy about life,and optimistic about the future,are now angry and feeling rejected and neglected.Things have changed all around you.So it’s impossible that your life,too,has not changed. So,here’s what to do about it? Stop what you’re doing right now,and call your doctor to make it in for that milestone check up that you’ve been putting off.Now,call up that friend that you used to meet at the local cigar lounge every Friday (women smoke cigars too!) and put that on the calendar for this week.Next,let’s leave the office and finish the day working from home.And,finally,once your whole familymakes it in,tell them about the extended family vacation that you’re planning for next month. And now,here’s where we come in to play. Once they stop dancing,and prancing,and praising you,theymay ask about the destina- tion.Well it just so happens that we’ve decided to provide you with a few beautiful choices inside to assist that decision.So,whether it’s the Valentines Residences or the Cape Santa Maria Resort in the Bahamas,the Halcyon Cove in Antigua,or even the Chabil Mar Resort in Belize-go anywhere,do anything.I’m just hoping that you’ll take me up on my sugges- tion to make time for what’s most important. After all, what good is money, if a healthy, fun, and love-filled life is compromised? Until next time, plan, build, and continue to prosper. Andre Barefield 12559 New Brittany Blvd Fort Myers, 33907 239.220.5554 Contact us feb/mar 2017 Contents 22 46 2 Corner View 4 opening lines 20 top executives weigh in 22 publisher’s picks Norwegian Cruise Lines An ‘Epic’ Adventure in Luxury hotels and resorts 38 cape santa maria beach resort Luxury in the middle of nowhere 46 Chabil mar resort Belize Beauty by Belize, luxury by design 56 VALENTINES RESIDENCES RESORT Harbour Island’s newest luxury resort 66 halcyon cove Everything an Antigua vacation should be 72 march preview 66