June 2018c

20 21 THE UNIVERSITY OF THE COMMONWEALTH CARIBBEAN launch successful careers in areas including information technology, business manage- ment, marketing, tourism & hospitality man- agement, and much more. If you are an entrepreneur with a passion for education, a business entity seeking new rev- enue-generating opportunities in the higher education sector, or an existing educational institution looking to enhance your current degree programs, then the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) has the per- fect opportunity for you. In early 2016 The University of the Com- monwealth Caribbean obtained international institutional accreditation from the UK-based Accreditation Services for International Col- leges & Universities. The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean saw the need to create and explore opportunities for collab- orative education provisions that add mutual value by allowing tertiary educational insti- tutions and/or entrepreneurs to access the intellectual property and the UCC brand for curriculum enhancement or institutional start- up. This Division is known as the UCC Partner- ships Division. The UCC Partnerships Division stemmed from UCC’s business model that is driven by commitment to relationships at all levels, including students, educators, businesses and community partners. Since its official estab- lishment in 2002 from the merger of two well-known and respected educational insti- tutions, the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean has emerged as the premier tertia- ry education provider in the Commonwealth Caribbean. With a broad and ever-expanding array of programs and majors for undergradu- ate, graduate, and specialty-focused certificates and diplomas, the University serves thousands of students annually and contributes to the on- going economic and intellectual development of the Commonwealth Region. The UCC Partnerships Division represents perfectly the vision of collaboration as artic- ulated by the leadership of the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean including the UCC Group Executive Chairman, Dr. Winston Adams - a successful innovator and entre- preneur for over twenty-five years. With this vision in mind, international partnerships are a cornerstone of UCC’s approach to education and long-term growth strategy. Some of these partnerships extend to longstanding rela- tionships with international institutions such as the Florida International University (FIU), the University of London (UOL), the American Council of Education (ACE), the Common- wealth Consortium of Universities, the Com- monwealth of Learning, and the Association of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions (ACTI), to name a few. These partnerships have helped to shape our approach towards win-win strategic tertiary education partnerships. With longstanding knowledge and expertise in relationship building, we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our partner organisations have full access to the academic and admin-