48 49 B rickell Management Group Ltd. (BMG) is a one hundred percent,Ba- hamian-owned andmanaged,pro- gressive real estate companywith several residential and commercial projects onNewProvidence Island in the Bahamas. BMGwasestablishedapproximatelysixyears ago,asa real estatedevelopment andproperty management company; inmore recentyears,it hasexpandedto includeaffiliatecompanies in construction,insurance,andfinancial services. “BMGwasbornwhenthecompanyprincipals realizedthat thereexistedaniche inthemarket for the typeofproduct thatwehavecome to specialize in,which isaffordable,residential communities,located inhighlydesirableareas ofNewProvidence,”explainsCaraCollie,BMG’s President. BMG acquires land,and then constructs THE BRICKELL MANAGEMENT GROUP CONDOSAND COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES THE BRICKELL MANAGEMENT GROUP