58 59 ARCH AND GODFREY company here in Cayman–Arch and Godfrey.” “The construction industry, in those days, was controlled by two major British contrac- tors: Sir Robert McAlpine and Hadsphaltic Inter- national,”Heber continues.“Tourism had started, and with it came the beginning of condominium and hotel construction.After Mike Godfrey and I got together and decided to form a local compa- ny that would meet the demands of the size and complexity of buildings that were now ready to be built,we established ourselves very quickly. It was evident we could compete, and it wasn’t long before we became a leader in the construc- tion industry here.We built our reputation on cli- ent satisfaction and meeting our commitments to quality workmanship, completion on time, and within budget.” Arch and Godfrey’s earliest projects were private residences designed by Heber Arch.They include some of the largest, best-equipped, and finely finished homes in the Cayman Islands of that time.The company also built the Owen Roberts International Airport Terminal in 1984 –its first contract with the government of the Cayman Islands.The company’s excellent perfor- mance, completing the project months ahead of the contract period, achieved substantial savings for the government, further solidifying Arch and Godfrey’s position as one of the major contrac- tors in the country’s construction industry. Today, the firm’s services include all aspects of construction, including construction manage- ment, design/build, and lump sum and unit rate contracting. The company’s portfolio in-