20 21 power and water systems, and basic infrastructure, has a compounding effect on people’s lives and the hardships they’re facing.We’re focused on health services for the most vulnerable, the lowest income, and marshalling resources so the facilities they rely on can expand or restart their services.That requires a big infusion of medication and financial resources across the Caribbean for places like Dominica and Puerto Rico that were the most severely hit. BVC: What role does advanced technology play in the relief effort? TIGHE: So much of what’s needed within the healthcare sector, and all its sub-sectors, is driven by technology.Trying to get a situational assessment in a multi-variable equation where all the factors keep changing.We find TimeXtender technology invaluable for managing larger data sets to get a clear picture of what’s needed. Say there are a lot of people who are diabetic and dependent on insulin. That’s good to know, but it doesn’t tell you how many vials of what kind of insulin need to go where, EXECUTIVE VIEW and is there power there? These day-to-day things we need to figure out are island specific depending on the power situation, the health situation, the level of infrastructure damage, and availability of supplies through normal commercial channels that have been seriously impeded. DIRECTOR OF IT, DAWN LONG: TimeXtender allows us to pull all our disparate systems togeth- er and get a comprehensive picture of things. Just being able to look back at previous disasters and understand what the needs were, and apply some of those analytics to predict future disaster needs is super useful.Having that data instantly available, we can reach out to healthcare companies even before people start submitting requests, so we can be ahead of schedule. TIGHE: We only send something if its requested and needed. But it was such a difficult situation for a lot of the Caribbean countries, if you said,“What do you need?” they would say,“Everything! Send what you have!”But that doesn’t help us build an order and target it. So,we ended up creating packages