64 65 because it believes its retail expertise is second to none in the Caribbean.“Being part of a larger group gives a tremendous competitive advantage,” says Harris.“Sitting around the table, discussing business and building relationships with huge companies like Whirlpool and GE,who provide appliances for us. And Oracle,which really helps us with our systems. It allows us to operate internationally, as well as locally.” A large portion of the furniture the company sells is made in the area. It encourages local manufac- turers to grow on the back of Unicomer’s growth by sending as much business their way as possible. From an economic aspect, the company believes that buying Jamaican makes sense in many ways, and helps to grow the country, as well. Harris is full of enthusiasm for Unicomer Jamaica’s future.“The digital revolution will help us,”he as- serts.“What we see Amazon doing is something we keep at the forefront of our minds.What’s happen- ing elsewhere across the world, and howwe change –taking into account the expanding use of the internet, and being able to utilize that.We have our own website that people can make purchases on, and we see that increasing over time as people get more comfortable with its usage.My philosophy in terms of our customer experience is about serving them how they want,when they want it, and where they want it.” Walters adds,“Training our people is a big focus for us as a group, and as a country.At Unicomer University,we make sure all our staff goes through proper training, so when they’re interacting with our customers, they’re educated and knowledgeable “The mattress sleeping the world” Therapedic Caribbean has been meeting the growing needs of the worldwide bedding industry with patented, exclusive, innovative sleep product designs and engineering. We are currently the leading suppliers of bedding to some of the largest retail stores, hotels, hospitals and other institutions in Jamaica. PREFERRED VENDORS n CGM Gallagher Insurance Brokers The CGM Gallagher Group is the largest insurance brokers in the English-speaking Caribbean. It is owned by the ICD Group and Arthur J Gallagher, the world’s fourth largest insurance brokers and has been serving the region since 1971.The Group covers the Caribbean through offices in Jamaica, Barbados, St. Lucia,Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, St.Vincent and St. Kitts and Nevis. One of the most important value added services provided by our team of insurance professionals, is claims advocacy.At CGM Gallagher,we represent you from the time we design and place your insurance programme to when you have to call on your policy to respond to a claim. As Brokers to the Caribbean, our claims team has been tried, tested and proven to be a dominant and respected force in the Insurance Market.We pride ourselves in being the best in the mar- ketplace having handled some of the largest and most complex claims across the region. The CGM Gallagher Group offers a wide suite of insurance and riskmanagement services and we leverage our partnerships with regional and international insurers for the benefit of our clients. n Jamaica Money Market Brokers Ltd. n Sleep Therapedic (Morgans Group) n Victor Mutual Pension Management n Ad Foam (Serta Caribbean) n Whirlpool UNICOMER GROUP, JAMAICA about what they are doing.We want to develop more people internally, so they can grow in the business–not just looking at how they contribute as they are. Creating a balance between online and instore pur- chases is important, including an efficient transaction time, and positive customer ex- perience when people come into the store.” Two generations have grown up with the Courts brand over 50-plus years.Now, under the umbrella of Unicomer Jamaica, the company continues to offer the positive, friendly experience customers have come to rely on, along with products, credit, and promotions that are changing lives for the better.