88 89 THE CCS GROUP FROM CLOUD TO KEYBOARD T he CCS Group is an Information and CommunicationsTechnology (ICT) com- pany that has been providing high-quality technical services to Bermuda,the Carib- bean,and Europe for over 30 years.The company was originally founded in 1982,to provide high-end data cabling solutions for Bermuda’s burgeoning financial services industry–CCS stood for Computer Cabling Systems. “The companyhad a lot of success throughout the ‘80s,”says KoryLogan,current Director of Sales and Marketing,“and Bermuda,itself,as a tax-optimized jurisdiction,also had a lot of success throughout the ‘80s.”In themid 1990’s CCSwas purchased byNew VentureHoldings,a group of information technol- ogyconsultants,and transformed into a full service ICTprovider.“They reached out and became the first later spun off their enterprise telephonydivision as a compa- nycalledAvaya.It was the first local company that had those types of relationships besides the local telephone company, and that was the beginning of what CCS has become today.” Following a period of rapid growth,the companywas acquired by the BAS Group of Companies in 2007.“The telephonydivision expanded organically to be inclusive of things like full collaboration solutions,voice-over IPsolu- tions,wireless telephony solutions,and video conferencing solutions,”Logan continues.“The cabling division grew organically to include things like fiber optics,outside plant AT A GLANCE THE CCS GROUP WHAT: An information and communications technology company WHERE: Hamilton, Bermuda WEBSITE: registered Cisco partner on the island that was fullycertified and fully trained and able to buy direct fromCisco,”says Logan.“At the time,they alsowent to a companycalled Lucent,which